Do we have a choice between
good and bad productivity?
We do, and most often we make the passive choice to leave good productivity behind because we don't fully understand the link between preparation and productivity.

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The Author

Geoff Ryan is a Journeyman Pipefitter, Project Management Professional and a Workface Planning Evangelist.

After several Alberta mega projects as a Productivity Specialist, Geoff started his own company,

Geoff and his team now work with Owners, Engineers,Project Management Teams, Constructors and Software Developers, helping them to understand and incorporate WorkFace Planning into their culture. At the time of press Insight employees had established WorkFace Planning on 6 major projects (over $300 Million each) in both Canada and the US.

Geoff has been an active member of the Construction Owners Association of Alberta, WorkFace Planning Committee since 2004 and is a chairman and founder of the WorkFace Planning Institute, a not for profit association of WorkFace Planners.

Geoff is a recognized expert in construction productivity and has authored several papers on the subject. This step by step guide on how to apply WorkFace Planning is his first book.

Geoff was born in Melbourne, Australia and now lives with his wife and four teenage children in Edmonton, Alberta.

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