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Each construction project is governed by the golden triangle of Quality, Cost and Schedule. This is a principle from the Project Management Institute that is present on simple weekend projects and multi-billion dollar projects. A Plumber once summed it up for me by telling me that I could have a project:

Good and Fast, but it won’t be Cheap.
Or Good and Cheap, but it won’t be Fast.
Or Fast and Cheap, but it won’t be Good

In a world where production is money, the industrial and commercial projects that we build cannot afford to cut the corner on Quality, so we have established Quality as the governing influence. That leaves us a choice between Schedule and Cost for the one that we will let slip. The truth is that time is money when you have to hire people to do stuff, so if you want to reduce costs then you have to minimize the schedule. So the Plumbers analogy is not correct, you can have it good, fast and cheap, you just have to keep your focus on good and fast. WorkFace Planning is a process that improves quality and reduces construction costs by minimizing schedules through improved productivity.

And it works.

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