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Sounds big and impossible? Letís take a moment and look into the future from the past.

When we compare the Gross Domestic Product of Canada to the world we see that it takes 99 people in Uganda to produce the equivalent of one personís production in Canada. (Both countries have about 33 million people) It wasnít always this way, Canadians use to produce a lot less 100 years ago. And it is probably not that Canadians work 99 times harder than the good folks of Uganda. There is a good chance that it is because Canadians have equipment and processes (technologies) that allow them to produce well. So if the ranking on the scale of Gross Domestic Production (productivity) is less about effort and more about technology then it makes sense that the more technology we use the higher our productivity becomes.

New Technologies = Increased Productivity

This principle is constant and applies at all levels of application.

So if we truly want to continuously improve our performance in the field of Project and Construction Management then we will need to keep introducing new technologies:
WorkFace Planning and WorkFace Planning software.

Geoff Ryan

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