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What is Workface Planning?

The basic concept of WorkFace Planning, or WFP, is that we can reduce our construction schedules by improving the coordination of information, tools and materials at the work face, where the work is performed. This is accomplished by developing detailed, achievable plans that are based upon reality and experience.
The primary product of this effort is a Field Installation Work Package (FIWP).

Historically the Planners in every project organization are a long way from the workface, are over burdened and quite often lack the experience of the people who are actually doing the work. This created large plans that the workforce could not execute in an optimal way. The solution that the industry is migrating towards is to move the detailed planning function closer to the work face, develop planners who understand the work, have enough of them that they can build quality plans, (1 Planner per 50 craft) and then give them direct access to all of the projectís information.
= WorkFace Planners
These two elements are the basic principles of WFP, i.e. Planners and Plans.

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